PActivity Properties

The properties of the PActivity class are listed below. For a complete list of PActivity class members, see the PActivity Members topic.

Public Instance Properties

ActivityDelegate Sets the PActivityDelegate for this activity.
ActivityScheduler Gets or sets the activity scheduler associated with this activity.
Duration Gets or sets the amount of time that this activity should take to complete, after the OnActivityStarted method is called.
IsAnimation Gets a value indicating whether this activity is performing an animation.
IsStepping Gets a value indicating whether this activity is stepping.
NextStepTime Gets the next time this activity should step, in PRoot global time.
StartTime Gets or sets the time that this activity should start running in PRoot global time.
StepInterval Gets or sets the minimum number of milliseconds that this activity should delay between steps.
StopTime Gets the time when this activity should finish running.

Protected Instance Properties

ParamString Gets a string representing the state of this object.

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