PActivityScheduler Members

PActivityScheduler overview

Public Instance Constructors

PActivityScheduler Constructor Constructs a new PActivityScheduler.

Public Instance Properties

ActivitiesReference Gets a reference to the list of scheduled activities.
Animating Gets a value indicating whether any of the scheduled activities are performing animations.
Root Gets the root node associated with this activity scheduler.

Public Instance Methods

AddActivityOverloaded. Add this activity to the scheduler.
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ProcessActivities Process all scheduled activities for the given time. Each activity is given one "step", equivalent to one frame of animation.
RemoveActivity Remove this activity from the scheduler.
RemoveAllActivities Removes all activities currently scheduled to run.
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Protected Instance Properties

ActivityTimer Gets the timer that controls the stepping of activities.

Protected Instance Methods

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StartActivityTimer Starts the timer that controls the stepping of activities.
StepActivities Steps all running activities by calling the root's ProcessInputs, which in turn will call ProcessActivities.
StopActivityTimer Stops the timer that controls the stepping of activities.

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