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PPickPath overview

Public Instance Constructors

PPickPath Constructor Constructs a new PPickPath.

Public Instance Properties

BottomCamera Gets the bottom-most camera on the pick path. This may be different then the top camera if internal cameras are in use.
NodeStackReference Gets a reference to the pick path node stack.
PickBounds Gets the current pick bounds.
PickedNode Gets the bottom-most node on the pick path node stack. That is the last node to be picked.
Scale Gets the total combined scale of the pick path matrices.
TopCamera Gets the top-most camera on the pick path. This is the camera that originated the pick action.

Public Instance Methods

CanvasToLocalOverloaded. Convert the given rectangle from canvas coordinates, down the pick path (and through any camera view transforms applied to the path) to the local coordinates of the given node.
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GetPathTransformTo Returns the product of the matrices from the top-most ancestor node (the last node in the list) to the given node.
GetType (inherited from Object)Gets the Type of the current instance.
PopMatrix Pops a matrix from the matrix stack.
PopNode Pops a node from the node stack.
ProcessEvent Gives each node in the pick path, starting with the bottom-most one, a chance to handle the event.
PushMatrix Pushes the given matrix onto the matrix stack.
PushNode Pushes the given node onto the node stack.
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