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Public Static Fields

ACTIVITY_SCHEDULER_FRAME_INTERVAL The default timer interval for the activity scheduler.
DEFAULT_ACTIVITY_STEP_RATE The default step rate for activities.
DEFAULT_GREEK_THRESHOLD The default minimum size for rendering all details of a node.
DEFAULT_MAX_FONT_SIZE The default maximum size for rendering fonts.
NULL_ENUMERATOR An enumerator for an empty list.

Public Static Properties

CurrentTimeMillis Gets the current time in milliseconds.
FrameworkSurrogateSelector Gets the surrogate selector used by the piccolo framework to write objects in the scene graph. See Clone for an example.
GreekThreshold Gets or sets a system wide value that specifies the smallest size at which nodes should render themselves completely.
MaxFontSize Gets or sets a system wide value that specifies the maximum size at which text should be rendered.

Public Static Methods

AddFrameworkSurrogate Adds a surrogate to the framework surrogate selector.
AddPointToRect Expands the given rectangle to include the given point.
AddRectToRect Returns the union of the two rectangles. If one rectangle is empty and one is not, the non-empty rectangle will be returned.
Brighter Lightens the given color by an amount specified by the scaleFactor.
CenterOfRectangle Returns the center of the given rectangle.
CreateBasicScenegraph Creates a basic scene graph.
Darker Darkens the given color by an amount specified by the scaleFactor.
DeltaRequiredToCenter Return the delta required to center the rectangle b2 in the rectangle b1.
DeltaRequiredToContain Return the delta required for the rectangle b1 to contain the rectangle b2.
DistanceBetweenPoints Returns the geometric distance between the two given points.
InflatedRectangle Gets a rectangle centered on the given point and inflated in the x and y directions by the given amounts.
PathIntersectsRect Returns true if the interior of the given path intersects the given rectangle.
ReadBrush Read in a Brush from the given SerializationInfo.
ReadPen Read in a Pen from the given SerializationInfo.
RectangleOutCode Returns the orientation with which the given point lies outside of the given rectangle.
RectIntersectsPerpLine Return true if the given rectangle intersects the given line, which must have either a slope of 0 or 90 degrees.
WriteBrush Write this Brush to the given SerializationInfo.
WritePen Write this Pen to the given SerializationInfo.

Public Instance Constructors

PUtil ConstructorInitializes a new instance of the PUtil class.

Public Instance Methods

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