UMD.HCIL.Piccolo.Util Namespace

This namespace defines several utility classes that are likely to be useful for Piccolo applications. These utility classes are also used within the implementation of Piccolo.


GraphicsPathSurrogateGraphicsPathSurrogate is a serialization surrogate that defines how to read and write a GraphicsPath object.
MatrixSurrogateMatrixSurrogate is a serialization surrogate that defines how to read and write a Matrix object.
PActivityListPActivityList is a typesafe list of PActivity objects.
PCameraListPCameraList is a typesafe list of PCamera objects.
PDebugPDebug is used to set framework wide debugging flags.
PLayerListPLayerList is a typesafe list of PLayer objects.
PMatrixPMatrix is a wrapper around a System.Drawing.Drawing2D.Matrix that includes several convenience methods.
PNodeListPNodeList is a typesafe list of PNode objects.
PPaintContextPPaintContext is used by piccolo nodes to paint themselves on the screen.
PPickPathPPickPath represents an ordered list of nodes that have been picked.
PStreamPStream wraps a System.IO.Stream to handle optional elements.
PStream.RecordWrittenSurrogateRecordWrittenSurrogate is a serialization surrogate that is used during the discovery phase to record which objects are unconditionally written.
PStream.RecordWrittenSurrogateSelectorRecordWrittenSurrogateSelector is a surrogate selector that will always return a PStream.RecordWrittenSurrogate, regardless of the type specified.
PUtilPUtil provides utility methods for the Piccolo framework.


PNodeFilterPNodeFilter is a interface that filters (accepts or rejects) nodes.


PUtil.OutCode Bit fields representing the various orientations with which a point can lie outside of a rectangle.
RenderQuality This enumeration is used by the PPaintContext class. It represents the quality level with which the piccolo scene graph will be rendered.