PSelectionEventHandler Properties

The properties of the PSelectionEventHandler class are listed below. For a complete list of PSelectionEventHandler class members, see the PSelectionEventHandler Members topic.

Public Instance Properties

DeleteKeyActive Gets or sets a value that indicates whether or not the Delete key should delete the selection.
DragActivity (inherited from PDragSequenceEventHandler) Gets the drag activity.
DragActivityStepInterval (inherited from PDragSequenceEventHandler) Gets the minimum number of milliseconds that the drag activity associated with this listener should delay between steps.
Dragging (inherited from PDragSequenceEventHandler) Gets or sets a value indicating whether the a drag sequence is in progress.
MarqueeBrush Gets or sets the brush used to fill the interior of the marquee.
MinDragStartDistance (inherited from PDragSequenceEventHandler) Gets or sets the minimum distance (in screen coordinates) the mouse must move before a drag sequence is initiated.
MousePressedCanvasPoint (inherited from PDragSequenceEventHandler) Gets or sets the point in canvas coordinates where the mouse was last pressed.
SelectableParent Clears the list of selectable parents and sets the given node as the only selectable parent.
SelectableParents Gets or sets the list of selectable parents.
Selection Gets a copy of the currently selected nodes.
SelectionReference Gets a reference to the currently selected nodes. You should not modify or store this collection.

Protected Instance Properties

MarqueeBounds Gets the bounds of the marquee, if the marquee exists.
ParamString (inherited from PDragSequenceEventHandler) Returns a string representing the state of this object.

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