UMD.HCIL.PiccoloX.Events Namespace

This namespace provides "extra" event handlers, which may be useful, but are not important enough to be included in the core Piccolo package.


PNavigationEventHandlerPNavigationEventHandler implements simple focus based navigation.
PNotificationPNotification objects encapsulate information so that it can be broadcast to other objects by a PNotificationCenter.
PNotificationCenterPNotificationCenter provides a way for objects that don’t know about each other to communicate.
PNotificationCenter.CompoundKeyCompoundKey stores a blah name/object pair used to map listener lists in the listeners map.
PNotificationCenter.CompoundValueCompoundValue stores an object (the listener) and a callback to invoke on that object.
PSelectionEventHandlerPSelectionEventHandler provides standard interaction for selection.
PSelectionEventHandler.BoundsFilter A node filter that accepts nodes whose bounds intersect the specified bounds.
PZoomToEventHandlerPZoomToEventHandler is used to zoom the camera view to the node clicked on with button one.