Piccolo.NET is a revolutionary way (in the Jazz ZUI tradition) to create robust, full-featured graphical applications in C#, with striking features such as zooming and multiple representation. Piccolo.NET is an extensive toolkit based on the GDI+ API. And best of all, Piccolo.NET is not only free, it's open source!

Piccolo.NET is a general-purpose C#-based engine that supports 2D visualizations. A primary characteristic of Piccolo.NET is that it is designed to support zoomable information spaces, although any particular applications may or may not take advantage of this feature. Piccolo.NET is implemented entirely in C#, and as such runs identically on any platform that supports the CLR.

Piccolo.NET is not an application in itself, but rather it is an engine that is designed to support applications that require the ability to create, manipulate, and render object-oriented graphics. If you are familiar with the terminology of 3D graphics, Piccolo.NET supports a scenegraph. This is a data structure that represents a hierarchy of graphical objects. Piccolo.NET uses a tuned run-time system to render the scenegraph as quickly as possible to support interactive applications.