Class ZRoot

All Implemented Interfaces:
java.lang.Cloneable,, ZSerializable

public class ZRoot
extends ZGroup

ZRoot extends ZNode overiding several methods of ZNode to ensure that ZRoot is always in the root position of a Scenegraph. Every scenegraph begins with a ZRoot which serves as the root of the entire scenegraph tree. Each scenegraph has exactly one root.

Warning: Serialized and ZSerialized objects of this class will not be compatible with future Jazz releases. The current serialization support is appropriate for short term storage or RMI between applications running the same version of Jazz. A future release of Jazz will provide support for long term persistence.

Ben Bederson
, Britt McAlister
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Serialized Form

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class edu.umd.cs.jazz.ZGroup
children, childrenFindable_DEFAULT, childrenPickable_DEFAULT, childrenVolatileBoundsCache, hasOneChild_DEFAULT
Fields inherited from class edu.umd.cs.jazz.ZNode
editorFactory, findable_DEFAULT, parent, pickable_DEFAULT, savable_DEFAULT, selectable_DEFAULT
Fields inherited from class edu.umd.cs.jazz.ZSceneGraphObject
bounds, inTransaction, invalidBounds, invalidVolatileBounds, listenerList, volatileBounds, volatileBounds_DEFAULT
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 ZRenderContext getCurrentRenderContext()
          Return current render context.
 void setCurrentRenderContext(ZRenderContext renderContext)
          Set the current render context.
protected  void setParent(ZNode parent)
          Overrides ZNode.setParent() to throw an exception if an attempt to set the parent of a ZRoot is made.
Methods inherited from class edu.umd.cs.jazz.ZGroup
addChild, addChildImpl, addChildren, addChildren, addGroupListener, childAddedNotification, childRemovedNotification, computeBounds, computeVolatileBounds, dump, duplicateObject, extract, findNodes, getChild, getChildren, getChildrenFindable, getChildrenIterator, getChildrenPickable, getChildrenReference, getNumChildren, getShallowBounds, getVolatileBounds, hasOneChild, indexOf, insertAbove, iterator, lower, lowerTo, markInTransaction, markNotInTransaction, pick, raise, raiseTo, removeAllChildren, removeAllChildren, removeChild, removeChild, removeChild, removeChildImpl, removeGroupListener, removeNodeListener, render, setChildrenFindable, setChildrenPickable, setHasOneChild, setState, trimToSize, updateHasNodeListener, writeObject, writeObjectRecurse
Methods inherited from class edu.umd.cs.jazz.ZNode
addNodeListener, editor, getGlobalBounds, getGlobalToLocalTransform, getLocalToGlobalTransform, getParent, getRoot, globalToLocal, globalToLocal, globalToLocal, hasNodeListener, isAncestorOf, isDescendentOf, isFindable, isPickable, isSavable, isSelectable, localToGlobal, localToGlobal, localToGlobal, lower, lowerTo, percolateEventUpSceneGraph, raise, raiseTo, remove, repaint, repaint, reparent, replaceWith, setEditorFactory, setFindable, setParent, setPickable, setSavable, setSelectable, setVolatileBounds, updateBounds, updateVolatility, writeReplace
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addClientProperty, addMouseListener, addMouseMotionListener, clone, endTransaction, fireEvent, fireMouseEvent, getBounds, getBoundsReference, getClientProperty, getHandles, getListenerList, hasLisenerOfType, hasListenerOfType, hasMouseListener, processMouseEvent, putClientProperty, removeEventListener, removeMouseListener, removeMouseMotionListener, reshape, setBounds, startTransaction, updateObjectReferences
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Constructor Detail


public ZRoot()
Method Detail


public void setCurrentRenderContext(ZRenderContext renderContext)
Set the current render context. This is meant to be used by context-sensitive objects to determine the render context while computing bounds, etc.

renderContext - The new render context.


public ZRenderContext getCurrentRenderContext()
Return current render context. During a render, this contains the active render context. During other times, it contains the render context to be used for computing bounds by context-sensitive objects.

the render context


protected void setParent(ZNode parent)
                  throws java.lang.RuntimeException
Overrides ZNode.setParent() to throw an exception if an attempt to set the parent of a ZRoot is made.

parent - parameter is not used.

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