Uses of Interface

Packages that use ZGroupListener
edu.umd.cs.jazz Jazz is a general-purpose Java-based engine that supports 2D visualizations. 
edu.umd.cs.jazz.event This package supports Jazz event handlers. 

Uses of ZGroupListener in edu.umd.cs.jazz

Classes in edu.umd.cs.jazz that implement ZGroupListener
 class ZSpatialIndexGroup
          ZSpatialIndexGroup is a group node that supports R-tree indexing for a group of visual components.

Uses of ZGroupListener in edu.umd.cs.jazz.event

Classes in edu.umd.cs.jazz.event that implement ZGroupListener
 class ZGroupAdapter
          ZGroupAdapater is an abstract adapter class for receiving group events.
 class ZSelectionResizeHandler
          ZSelectionResizeHandler is a selection handler for use with ZSelectionManager.

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