Package edu.umd.cs.piccolox.swt

This package provides a SWT implementation of the core Piccolo library.


Class Summary
PSWTBoundsHandle PSWTBoundsHandle a handle for resizing the bounds of another node.
PSWTCanvas PSWTCanvas is an SWT Composite that can be used to embed Piccolo into a SWT application.
PSWTHandle PSWTHandle is used to modify some aspect of Piccolo when it is dragged.
PSWTImage PSWTImage is a wrapper around a
PSWTKeyEvent Key event overridden to wrap an SWT KeyEvent as a swing KeyEvent.
PSWTMouseEvent Mouse event overridden to wrap an SWT MouseEvent as a Swing MouseEvent.
PSWTPath PSWTPath is a wrapper around a java.awt.geom.GeneralPath, with workarounds for drawing shapes in SWT where necessary.
PSWTRoot PSWTRoot is a subclass of PRoot that is designed to work in the SWT environment.
PSWTSelectionEventHandler Selection event handler modified to use SWT paths instead of normal paths.
PSWTStickyHandleManager A class for managing the position of a sticky handle.
PSWTText PSWTText creates a visual component to support text.
SWTGraphics2D An extension to Graphics2D to support an SWT Piccolo Canvas with little modification to the current Piccolo architecture There is an outstanding SWT bug request #33319 for more efficient polyline/polygon rendering methods.
SWTShapeManager SWT shape manager.
SWTTimer SWT timer.
SWTTimerQueue The SWTTimerQueue is a queue of timers.
SWTTimerQueue.SWTTimerQueueRestart Runnable that will message the shared instance of the Timer Queue to restart.

Package edu.umd.cs.piccolox.swt Description

This package provides a SWT implementation of the core Piccolo library.

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