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edu.umd.cs.jazz Jazz is a general-purpose Java-based engine that supports 2D visualizations. 

Uses of ZNode in edu.umd.cs.jazz

Subclasses of ZNode in edu.umd.cs.jazz
 class ZAnchorGroup
          ZAnchorGroup holds the information for a spatial hyperlink.
 class ZClipGroup
          ZClipGroup applies a clip to the current ZRenderContext before rendering its children.
 class ZConstraintGroup
          ZConstraintGroup is a transform group that changes its transform based on a computation defined in a specified method.
 class ZFadeGroup
          ZFadeGroup is a group node that controls transparency and fading of its sub-tree.
 class ZGroup
          ZGroup is a node with children.
 class ZHandleGroup
          ZHandleGroup is a group node that manages a collection of ZHandles.
 class ZInvisibleGroup
          ZInvisibleGroup is a group node that completely hides its descendents.
 class ZLayerGroup
          ZLayerGroup is used exclusively to specify the portion of the scenegraph that a camera can see.
 class ZLayoutGroup
          ZLayoutGroup is a visual group that wraps a layout manager that can position the node's children.
 class ZLeaf
          ZLeaf is a basic leaf node that doesn't have any children.
 class ZNameGroup
          ZNameGroup is a group node that names a portion of the scenegraph.
 class ZRoot
          ZRoot extends ZNode overiding several methods of ZNode to ensure that ZRoot is always in the root position of a Scenegraph.
 class ZSelectionGroup
          ZSelectionGroup is a visual group node that provides functionality for specifying selection.
 class ZSpatialIndexGroup
          ZSpatialIndexGroup is a group node that supports R-tree indexing for a group of visual components.
 class ZStickyGroup
          ZStickyGroup is a constraint group that moves its children inversely to the camera view, so that the children stay visually on the same place on the screen, even as the camera view changes.
 class ZTransformGroup
          ZTransformGroup is a group node that specifies an arbitrary affine transform.
 class ZVisualGroup
          ZVisualGroup is a group node that has a visual components that can be rendered.
 class ZVisualLeaf

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