This package supports the Jazz file format.


Interface Summary
ZSerializable ZSerializable indicates that a class can be read/written with ZObjectOutputStream

Class Summary
ASCII_UCodeESC_CharStream An implementation of interface CharStream, where the stream is assumed to contain only ASCII characters (with java-like unicode escape processing).
Token Describes the input token stream.
ZExtendedInputStream Warning: Serialized and ZSerialized objects of this class will not be compatible with future Jazz releases.
ZObjectOutputStream ZObjectOutputStream writes Jazz objects that are ZSerializable.
ZParser ZParser is the top-level api to the Jazz io code.
ZStreamPreprocessor ZStreamPreprocessor preprocesses the java io stream to manage embedded binary data.

Exception Summary
ParseException This exception is thrown when parse errors are encountered.

Error Summary

Package Description

This package supports the Jazz file format. It contains classes for dumping a Jazz scenegraph (or any subtree) to an output stream. It is similar in functionality to Java Serialization, but the file format is more version resistant, and is entirely text-based.

Note that this file format will likely be replaced in the future with an XML based format.

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