Package edu.umd.cs.jazz.util

This package defines several utility classes that are likely to be useful for Jazz applications.


Interface Summary
ZFindFilter ZFindFilter provides a general interface that is used to determine if a specified node should be accepted.
ZLerp ZLerp is an interface for specifying how to interpolate a double over an interval.
ZList Collections of objects in the Jazz framework are usual contained in ZLists, as implemented by ZListImpl.
ZLoadable ZLoadable is an interface that defines objects that can be dynamically loaded into Jazz, and be made aware of the basic scenegraph structure so that it can add itself to the application and do something useful.
ZScrollDirector The interface an application can implement to control scrolling in a ZScrollPane->ZViewport->ZCanvas component hierarchy.

Class Summary
ZBounds ZBounds is simply a Rectangle2D.Double with extra methods that more properly deal with the case when the rectangle is "empty".
ZBoundsFindFilter ZBoundsFindFilter is a filter that accepts visual and terminal nodes that overlap the specified bounds in global coordinates.
ZCanvas ZCanvas is a simple Swing component that can be used to render onto for Jazz.
ZDebug ZDebug provides static methods for maintaining/setting/retrieving global debugging state.
ZDefaultScrollDirector The default implementation of the scroll director that follows the widely accepted model of scrolling - namely the scrollbars control the movement of the window over the document rather than the movement of the document under the window.
ZDimension Implemenation of Dimension2D that uses doubles.
ZFrame ZFrame is meant to be subclassed by Jazz applications that just need a ZCanvas in a JFrame.
ZLayout ZLayout is a utility class that provides general-purpose layout mechanisms to position nodes.
ZListImpl ZListImpl Implementation of ZList.
ZListImpl.ZNodeListImpl For each type of array that we had we should have a subclass that suplies its own element data of that type.
ZMagBoundsFindFilter ZMagBoundsFindFilter is a filter that accepts "terminal" nodes that overlap the specified bounds in global coordinates, but only if the object is within its visible magnification range.
ZNullList This class provides a stand in for ZLists that have no elements.
ZObjectReferenceTable ZObjectReferenceTable helps to manage the references between objects within the scenegraph when a portion of the scenegraph is duplicated with clone().
ZPriorityQueue ZPriorityQueue is a heap based PriorityQueue that stores objects of type java.lang.Comparable.
ZProperty ZProperty represents a ZNode client property.
ZRenderContext ZRenderContext stores information relevant to the current render as it occurs.
ZSceneGraphEditor ZSceneGraphEditor provides a convenience mechanism used to locate and create instances of the following types of group nodes:
ZSceneGraphPath ZSceneGraphPath represents a unique path in a scene graph from a top-level camera to a terminal node.
ZSceneGraphPropertyPanel ZSceneGraphPropertyPanel displays a list of properties for a number of Java Bean objects, and allows the user to edit the properties.
ZSceneGraphTreeModel ZSceneGraphTreeModel implements a TreeModel used by ZSceneGraphTreeView to implement a jazz sceneGraph browser.
ZSceneGraphTreeView ZSceneGraphTreeView displays a tree structure representing the Jazz scene graph that is useful for debugging.
ZScrollPane A simple extension to a standard scroll pane that uses the jazz version of the viewport by default.
ZScrollPane.ZNullAction An action to do nothing - put into an action map to keep it from looking to its parent
ZScrollPane.ZScrollAction Action to scroll left/right/up/down.
ZScrollPane.ZScrollEndAction Action to scroll to last visible location.
ZScrollPaneLayout A subclass of ScrollPaneLayout that looks at the Viewport for sizing information rather than View.
ZScrollPaneLayout.UIResource The UI resource version of ZScrollPaneLayout.
ZUtil ZUtil provides some generic, useful routines.
ZViewport A subclass of JViewport that talks to the scroll director to negotiate the view positions and sizes.
ZViewport.ZViewportLayout A simple layout manager to give the ZCanvas the same size as the Viewport

Exception Summary
ZDanglingReferenceException Thrown to indicate that a node that was being searched for in the scenegraph was not found.
ZNodeNotFoundException ZNodeNotFoundException is an exception that is thrown to indicate that a node that was being searched for in the scenegraph was not found.
ZNoninvertibleTransformException Thrown to indicate that a AffineTransform could not be inverted.
ZTooManyChildrenException ZTooManyChildrenException is an exception that is thrown to indicate that an operation was attempted that would have resulted in a decorator node having more than one child.

Package edu.umd.cs.jazz.util Description

This package defines several utility classes that are likely to be useful for Jazz applications. These utility classes are also used within the implementation of Jazz.

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