Interface ZLoadable

public interface ZLoadable

ZLoadable is an interface that defines objects that can be dynamically loaded into Jazz, and be made aware of the basic scenegraph structure so that it can add itself to the application and do something useful. When a ZLoadable object is loaded into Jazz, all these methods are guaranteed to be called which specify the primary menubar of the application, and the basic elements of the scenegraph (camera, surface, and top node).

The following code is a sample stand-alone code segment that implements ZLoadable and can be imported directly into the demo HiNote program. It adds a 'Layout' option to the menu bar, and when the 'doLayout' option is selected, it lays out all the objects in the world in an ellipse.

    import java.awt.geom.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;
    import javax.swing.*;
    import edu.umd.cs.jazz.*;
    import edu.umd.cs.jazz.util.*;
    public class Foo implements Runnable, ZLoadable {
        JMenuBar menubar = null;
        ZCamera camera = null;
        ZDrawingSurface surface = null;
        ZLayerGroup layer = null;
        ZLayoutGroup layoutGroup = null;
        public Foo() {
        public void run() {
        JMenu layoutMenu = new JMenu("Layout");
        JMenuItem menuItem = new JMenuItem("doLayout");
        menuItem.addActionListener(new ActionListener() {
            public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {
                                // Make a new layout group with a path layout manager
                layoutGroup = new ZLayoutGroup();
                ZPathLayoutManager layout = new ZPathLayoutManager();
                layout.setShape(new Ellipse2D.Double(0, 0, 200, 200));
                                // Move all the scene's nodes under the layout group and lay them out
                ZNode[] children = layer.getChildren();
                for (int i=0; ichildren.length; i++) {
                                // Remove the layout manager
        public void setMenubar(JMenuBar aMenubar) {
        menubar = aMenubar;
        public void setCamera(ZCamera aCamera) {
        camera = aCamera;
        public void setDrawingSurface(ZDrawingSurface aSurface) {
        surface = aSurface;
        public void setLayer(ZLayerGroup aLayer) {
        layer = aLayer;

Ben Bederson

Method Summary
 void setCamera(ZCamera camera)
          Set the camera of the scenegraph.
 void setDrawingSurface(ZDrawingSurface surface)
          Set the drawing surface of the scenegraph.
 void setLayer(ZLayerGroup layer)
          Set the layer of the scenegraph.
 void setMenubar(javax.swing.JMenuBar menubar)
          Set the primary menubar for the application.

Method Detail


public void setMenubar(javax.swing.JMenuBar menubar)
Set the primary menubar for the application.


public void setCamera(ZCamera camera)
Set the camera of the scenegraph.


public void setDrawingSurface(ZDrawingSurface surface)
Set the drawing surface of the scenegraph.


public void setLayer(ZLayerGroup layer)
Set the layer of the scenegraph.

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