API Documentation

Here you'll find detailed documentation of the Piccolo2D.Java and Piccolo2D.NET toolkits. Currently there is no API documentation for PocketPiccolo2D.NET. But, the Piccolo2D.NET API can be used, since PocketPiccolo2D.NET is essentially a subset of Piccolo2D.NET. We will eventually update the Piccolo2D.NET API docs to say which methods are supported in PocketPiccolo2D.NET.

Online Docs

The online documentation pertains to the latest release versions of the code.  If you need an earlier snapshot, you can download an older distribution of the code, which includes the documentation.

Integrated Help

For Piccolo2D.NET, we provide a setup file that will integrate the Piccolo2D documentation into Visual Studio.NET (versions 2002 or 2003 only).  This allows you to search the documentation within Visual Studio, just like the standard .NET documentation.  This also enables context sensitive help.  For example, if you move the cursor over a class name like PNode and press F1, you will see the documentation for the PNode class.  Download the setup file and double click on it.  The next time you run Visual Studio, the help will be updated.