Getting Started

Here you will find both basic and advanced tutorials to help you get started using Piccolo2D.  All tutorials provide examples in both Java and C#.  This section assumes you have read Piccolo2D Patterns and have a basic understanding of the concepts presented there.

Learning the Basics

Explore the piccolo2d feature set, learning how to build different kinds of nodes, add event handlers and schedule activities.

  1. Piccolo2D.Java: Out of the Box - Provides step by step instructions setting up Piccolo2D.Java.
  2. Piccolo2D.NET: Out of the Box - Provides step by step instructions for setting up Piccolo2D.NET.
  3. Creating the Interface - Demonstrates how to create new nodes and add them to the interface.
  4. Defining User Interaction - Demonstrates how to add event handlers.
  5. Adding Special Effects - Demonstrates how to define and schedule activities.

Building Sample Applications

Move beyond the basics and start building real applications.  These tutorials will guide you from start to finish in designing some simple but functional applications.

  1. Fisheye Calendar - Demonstrates how to build a simple fisheye calendar application.
  2. Graph Editor - Demonstrates how to build a zoomable graph application